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<<Psychotherapy helps you finding new ways of taking decisions which will lead you to more happyness and an healthier life. >>




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Non dobbiamo pretendere di capire il mondo solo con l'intelligenza:lo conosciamo, nella stessa misura, attraverso il sentimento.Quindi il giudizio dell'intelligenza è, nel migliore dei casi,soltanto metà della verità.


Carl Gustav Jung


Datemi un uomo normale ed io lo guarirò.


Carl Gustav Jung
















Let them risk

February 2013 - Happy children - RIZA Publishing

When we help our children to discover the world, we always have to keep in mind their identity and the need to risk and find new solutions by themselves. Parenting means to support them in this with the right distance and supervision



The right choice is the one that comes up first.

May 2013 - Happy children - RIZA Publishing

Children know how to choose. They follow their hearts and their instincts. The role of parent lies in helping them to follow their nature, let them choose spontaneously and support their way of being. In this way, the expert says, they can grow confident about themselves. Some tips on how to help them not to get confused and follow the right path are addressed in the article. The guide to the right path is listening to their inner world


How to raise bilingual children

October 2012- Happy children RIZA publishing

Is not easy to raise children with many languages. The article describes how to help your kids in their language development and how to do your best to make them feel ok when they make mistakes. It is a wonderfull journey for parents and children. Tips are given in the article to make the miracle of bilinguism happen with love and serenity.


Visual Art Critic for

2003 to 2010

Writer for one of the best italian web magazine for cinema, fotography and visual arts. Museas like Stedelijk, FOAM, Stadarchief, Huise Marseille, and others in Europe.
In Amsterdam
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Creative writing in prison

In 2012 work to help prisoners to find freedom within writing.


Mag 11 Vienna City Administration Researcher

2003 to 2004

Abstract: The following statement is based on the results of a running study. The recent study aims at gaining information from grown up foster children about their experiences in the foster family with a special focus on their attitudes and wishes concerning participation. The first step of this project was a pre-study. For this part one of the study we chose the method of qualitative biographical interviews. Ten former foster children could be reached in the period from 2003 to 2004 to give a statement.
Some selected results: All this biographical reports in common were unexpected abrupt changes in the living circumstances of the people inquired. They reported about periods of life with high in-transparency and insecurity.
Therefore they would have liked to participate mainly in questions like the regulation of their parents’ visits and the discussion, if they should return to their families of origin. In this connection it was interesting, that we didn’t find the “perfect solution” they like to solve this serious problems, but very differentiated needs and ways, people liked to be respected.
Consequences for practice: The necessity of guidance in phases of changes, the recognition of their multilayered needs as well as transparency and legal aid in legal decisions are the main demands to give children a vote.
First results of part two of this study will be briefly presented, too. Data provided from a system game, simulating a normal foster care problem.
Keywords: foster families, participation, identity and relations